Permanent hair removal

Nd: YAG is a wavelength that adapts to all phototypes for permanent hair removal.

The energy from the laser is absorbed by the hair bulb and matrix in the anagen phase (growth), which will destroy it. FRAC3 pulsation mode corrects skin imperfections around the target. The treated follicles fall out after two to three weeks.

The next session is scheduled 6 weeks later or during the next regrowth.

Between each session, the hair must be shaved and not plucked.

80% of the hairs are eliminated after the treatments. The remaining 20% are treated in touch-ups afterwards.


Men / women prices from:

  • Forearm: CHF 280.- / session
  • Full arm: CHF 350.- / session
  • High-cut swimsuit: CHF 200.- / session
  • Full bikini: CHF 300.- / session
  • Full legs: CHF 500.- / session
  • Half-legs: CHF 350.- / session
  • Torso: CHF 400.- / session
  • Back: CHF 500.- / session
  • Beard: CHF 200.- / session
  • Underarms: CHF 120.- / session


Non invasive

No recovery days

Sun exposure allowed with full screen up to 15 days before the session


The pregnancy
Roaccutane / isotretinoin

No waxing for less than a month

Before treatment

do not take anti-inflammatory drugs

not have been in the sun for less than 15 days without a full screen

How is the session carried out?

  • Delimitation of the area to be treated
    (surface in cm²: determines the duration of the session)
  • Eye protection against laser radiation
  • Hydration of the skin at the end of the session