Outpatient general surgery

Dr. Aurore Amour Steiger and her team welcome you for any general surgery consultation in their office in Montreux.

Reception and consultation

We offer support for patients referred by their physician, but also coming on their own for a consultation.

Our services

We perform ambulatory surgeries and laser procedures.

Operating room

Our operating room meets the strictest hygiene standards.

Our specialities

Interventions of the abdominal wall (inguinal, crural, umbilical hernia, incisional hernia)

Gallbladder interventions (cholecystectomy)

Laser interventions (hemorrhoids, condylomas, warts, nail fungus, ingrown hairs)

Interventions for varicosis of the lower limbs by radio frequency or laser

Aesthetic anti-aging medicine

Permanent laser hair removal for men and women (face, torso, back, armpit, bikini line, legs, buttocks)

Hyaluronic acid injections, botulinum toxin

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Outpatient surgery

More and more surgical procedures can be carried out on an outpatient basis in a variety of areas.

Ambulatory surgery, or day surgery, is surgical treatment that allows patients to be discharged the same day they are admitted.

Waiting times and length of stay are significantly reduced, with a quicker return to normal life.

Outpatient surgery also reduces risks, particularly in terms of infections.