Buttocks augmentation by hyaluronic acid injections

Hyaluronic acid is a natural molecule in the skin which provides hydration and tonicity, radiance and suppleness of tissues.

It also makes it possible to increase the volumes of an area as well as to fill any irregularities.

How it works

Thanks to its water retention capacity, injections of hyaluronic acid for the buttocks can fill irregularities caused by cellulite or cellulite. They also make it possible to provide a more uniform volume adapted to the demands of each.

  • On estimate only

Absolute contraindications

pregnancy / breastfeeding

injection site infections / inflammations

allergy to local anesthetics

Before the injection

do not take anti-inflammatory drugs / aspirin


During your consultation, after interview with the doctor and analysis, in order to define the appropriate treatment, you will have to sign an informed consent as well as a quote

How is the session carried out?

  • Cleaning the area
  • Definition of the area to be treated
  • Local anesthesia
  • Injection of hyaluronic acid through the cannula