Lipolysis by injection (anti-fat injection) of deoxycholic acid is a method of treating small and medium fat deposits in the body and face. This process is able to eliminate the bulges of the armpits, knees, stomach, double chin and jowls among others.

Injection can successfully remedy small inequalities that arise after liposuction or cryolipolysis, for example. A minimum of 3 sessions is necessary to obtain the most optimal result.

This treatment is suitable for both men and women.

  • Small area from CHF 350.-
  • Large area from CHF 600.-

Definition of the quote during the first consultation

Absolute contraindications

pregnancy / breastfeeding

injection site infections / inflammations

Allergies to local anesthetics

Before the injection

do not take anti-inflammatory drugs / aspirin

do not apply cream / makeup on the area to be treated


During your consultation, after meeting with the doctor and analyzing the area to be treated, you will have to sign an informed consent.

How does the Lipolysis session work?

  • Preparation of the area to be treated
  • Application of an anesthetic cream for 30 minutes
  • Disinfection and sterile injection of the Lipolysis cocktail